Bonefish Flies in Maine???

I have got to admit that I don’t get many requests for bonefish flies in January in Holden, Maine.  For that matter, in any month!  But I did this year.  Bonefish Guy contacted me earlier this year and asked if I could tie some flies for an upcoming bonefish trip that he was planning to warmer climes.  I told him that I would be happy to do it.  Bonefish Guy sent along a detailed list of flies:  Tasty Toad, See Bone, Hairy Crab Legs, Bunny Bone, Big Ugly, and on and on.  They certainly didn’t sound like the typical Maine streamer fly requests but what the heck, we have to step outside of our fly tying comfort zone from time to time.

All were Dick Brown patterns and well defined in his book Bonefish Fly Patterns.  With the help of one of the members of the Vise Squad the order became a reality.  The Hairy Crab Legs flies were brought to life with the application of a neat product called Tuffleye.  It is an acrylic product that is a substitute for the sometimes troublesome 5 minute epoxy.  I applied the Tuffleye over a  partridge feather carapace, simulating the crab’s shell (more on Tuffleye coming in a later post).

Bonefish guy picked up his plethora of piscatorial delicacies.  I asked him to send pictures and that he did.  Looks to me like those cute little, Holden Maine bonefish flies, experienced a nice little vacation courtesy of Bonefish Guy.  I am sure these little guys were packed away carefully until they arrived in paradise.  I am also pretty sure that Bonefish Guy carefully tied one on to the end of a safety line (tippet) before casting them out for a drift in the gin clear, tropical waters.  Then the fly got a special little treat, a thrill ride in the north end of an amusement ride called the Torpedo of the Flats.   After a short, harrowing thrill ride, Bonefish Guy pulled in the safety line and retrieved the fly from the Torpedo ride.  The Holden Maine fly enjoyed the ride so much that Bonefish Guy threw him back out for another lazy float in the warm salt water.  WHAM!!  What a vacation!

Thanks to Bonefish Guy for sending me a picture of the Torpedo of the Flats amusement ride.  Nice fish, nice hat too!.