Introducing Vise Squad

Vise Squad … For the 50-something crowd it conjures up images of sunny Florida, Don Johnson in a white linen suit, fast cars and bikini-clad women.   The “younger crowd” may think of TV shows like CSI or Blue Blood.

Sorry folks, this Vise Squad (with an S not a C) refers to fly-tying vises. The Vise Squad Blog will be about tying flies, fly fishing and other related activities. From time to time it may even be about the members of the Vise Squad (those people who hang around my vise). For the uninitiated, a fly tying vise is a tool that is used to hold a fishing hook during the process of creating a fly.

Besides blogging about the typical day to day “goings on” around the vise, I will share experiences that I have had on the water and I will also be aggregating information about tying flies and fly fishing. I’ll offer tips, techniques, reviews of fly tying/fly fishing materials and equipment. I encourage you to participate in this blog. Please share your thoughts, comments and questions. I certainly don’t have all the answers but I will do my best to get them. I will give credit where credit is due. When I don’t know where credit is due, I will tell you that too.

I plan to include pictures, tying videos and links to information on the web in my Vise Squad blog. I will keep the ball rolling with regular posts, your contributions will help help to keep it rolling. Check in frequently and post often. We will all learn a lot in the the process.