Cabin Fever Reliever Show

Brewer – The Penobscot Fly Fishers once again hit a home run.  The outdoor show held on Feb 24-25 at the world famous Brewer Auditorium was the mecca of hands-on outdoor activities.  From fly tyers to basket makers, GPS to archers and everything in between.  Throw in a few kids tying flies or shooting bows and some hunting dogs and you have a winner.  If you missed this years’ show, be sure to mark it on your calendar for next year.  This is one of those “rights of spring” that you won’t want to miss.  It was good to see many old and new friend stop by the booth to chat.  Get that arm loosened up, fishing season is right around the corner.

BDN Outdoor bloggers “Act out with Aislinn” Sarnacki, “Out There” Holyoke and yours truly “Vise Squad” Corey were in the house. Talk about a rose between 2 thorns!

For a video clip of the show, click here.

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